Cloud Presales Solutions Engineer

Madrid Tech Solutions & Products

About Us

  • Making Science is a leading digital marketing and technology consulting firm, that is listed in the Madrid Stock Exchange. We are currently expanding our operations internationally, and our offices are located in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante, Mallorca, Lisboa, París, Miami, Ciudad de México, Bogotá, Tbilisi, Milán, Londres  y Dublín.
    We are a company that specializes in providing comprehensive marketing and technological solutions for digital businesses. Our team is composed of more than 1100 digital native professionals, who have a wide knowledge in the different stages and disciplines of the digital transformation: Digital Strategy, Infrastructures, Software Development, Creativity and UX/UI Design, Digital Marketing, and Big Data. 

  • Making Science is People Centric, and we actively bet on our employees! We believe that they are the key to any successful business, and therefore, our greatest asset. We strive to provide daily learning opportunities for those who work with us and their colleagues. It is also really important that they enjoy what they do, and have positive experiences. We want our employees to feel proud of their accomplishments, and that they belong to a company that is in constant growth, because each person’s contribution is essential to achieve our success. Do you want to be part of this great family?

Some details about your department

  • Making Science's engineering department are expert providers of tailored high availability and high volume platforms, in sectors such as telco, banking and security. We are pioneers in the application of Big Data, Cloud and Machine Learning technologies to meet real-time business challenges and are continuously innovating in these areas, evaluating and incorporating the latest tools. The Company has its main operational base and its activities from Madrid Spain and has major customer activities Africa.
  • The technical environment is demanding whereby our solutions are deployed in very large telcos and other companies from other sectors processing billions of events per day from millions of concurrent user sessions in business and revenue critical systems and applications.

What we’d like you to do:

We are looking for a Presales Engineer - Consultant to carry out pre-sales projects (and sales support) with our own products (on-premise and Cloud) and who will be in charge of the execution, development and definition and in general of all the planning stages until the final implementation of the product before its sale.

Among the functions you will be required to perform are:

  • Analyze customer requirements and impart the specific benefits of the different solutions.
  • Organize and implement technical meetings and presentations with customers.
  • Marketing the entire service portfolio to operators and service providers.
  • Creating detailed solution descriptions as well as specifications for professional services on national and international projects.
  • Develop the service portfolio.
  • Overall, all functions arising from the position.

What we’d like you to bring:

  • Computer Engineering, Telecommunications or any Engineering in the field of Computer Science/Electronics. Also other engineering if you have focused your last professional years in the IT sector. Degree with at least 240 demonstrable ECTS credits.
  • It is essential that you have a high level of English (B2-C1 or higher) as you will interact with customers and colleagues in this language.
  • Knowledge of Azure and Cloud.
  • At least 1 year of experience.
  • Good skills with internet and computer applications.
  • Knowledge of the language is highly valued.

Perks of joining us

  • We give you complete stability with an indefinite job contract.
  • We offer a fixed salary according to your worth and experience, plus a performance based bonus. 
  • We care about a healthy work-life balance. You can count on having flexible working hours and the possibility to work from home. 
  • You will never stop learning with us: subsidized training, free language classes, learning capsules,  an e-learning platform, and many more.
  • Work comfortably and follow your own style, because we don’t have a dress code. 
  • Be a part of a young, adventurous, and professional team, with people you’ll grow fond of!